XDS PRO4 & PRO1 Receivers

AMC-8 to AMC-18/SES11 Satellite Migration…

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In December of 2016, Learfield deployed its X-Digital (XDS) Satellite System to the remaining networks in our operation.  This includes the following networks:
  • The Brownfield Network
  • Missouri Net News
  • Nebraska Radio Network News
  • Radio Iowa News
  • South Carolina News Network
  • South Carolina Sports Talk
  • Wisconsin Radio Network

With this final migration, we have consolidated all programming to a unified platform- and some of the previous News and Ag report times have shifted slightly.  All stations will need to do is schedule these events and “delay” the playback to match the previous feed times, or an affiliate can choose to update their station’s automation to take the reports at a new time.

At the end of January 2017- 1/27/17 at 11:59pm CT- the legacy satellite system “Digiceiver” will be decommissioned and shut down!!!

Network Configuration Data Sheet

C-Band Satellite:   AMC-8 (139* West)

Transponder:   T/3 (Vertical Polarized)

New XDS Receiver is Pre-Tuned to:
L-Band Receive Frequency: 1392350 kHz / Symbol Rate 1490000 sps / FEC (Forward Error Correction) ¾


This XDS-PRO receiver must be connected to a full-time internet connection. This provides diagnostic testing and updates from Learfield and also provides internal automatic streaming audio failover.

AFFILIATE WEB SITE ACCESS:  http://myxdsreceiver.learfield.com

Download the Discovery Tool to access your receiver for the first time, set a password, time zone and other receiver default settings, continue to set up receiver program schedules and map the relays and other features

URL for the Discovery Tool:


Technical Assistance Contacts:  Learfield Engineering Hotline- 573-893-1955

Email: engineering@learfield.com

XDS-PRO Quick Start Guide

Audio Ports

The analog audio output of the XDS-PRO receivers is routed through the DB-9 connector labeled Audio-A through Audio-D on the rear panel. The

table below details the wiring pin out for the ports:









Relay Closures

The XDS-PRO4 receiver has two DB-37 connectors labeled Relay-A and Relay-B on the rear panel. The XDS-PRO1 receiver has one DB-37 connector labeled Relay-A. These connectors contain sixteen relay/contact closures that can drive external automation systems. The tables below detail the pin out for the ports:


XDS Relay Map Guide