XDS PRO4 & PRO1 Receivers

Learfield IMG College XDS Satellite Receivers operation on SES-11 Satellite at 105* West Longitude

Learfield-IMGCollege-Network Data Sheet

C-Band Satellite:   SES-11 (105* West)

Transponder:   C/21 (Vertical Polarized)

XDS Receivers are Pre-Tuned to:
L-Band Receive Frequency: 1024342 kHz / Symbol Rate 2894000 sps / FEC (Forward Error Correction) ¾


This XDS-PRO receiver must be connected to a full-time internet connection. This provides diagnostic testing and updates from Learfield IMG College and also provides internal automatic streaming audio failover.

AFFILIATE WEB SITE ACCESS:  http://myxdsreceiver.learfield.com

Download the Discovery Tool to access your receiver for the first time, set a password, time zone and other receiver default settings, continue to set up receiver program schedules and map the relays and other features

URL for the Discovery Tool:


Technical Assistance Contacts:  Learfield IMG College Engineering Hotline- 573-893-1955

Email: [email protected]

XDS-PRO Quick Start Guide

Audio Ports

The analog audio output of the XDS-PRO receivers is routed through the DB-9 connector labeled Audio-A through Audio-D on the rear panel. The

table below details the wiring pin out for the ports:


Relay Closures

The XDS-PRO4 receiver has two DB-37 connectors labeled Relay-A and Relay-B on the rear panel. The XDS-PRO1 receiver has one DB-37 connector labeled Relay-A. These connectors contain sixteen relay/contact closures that can drive external automation systems. The tables below detail the pin out for the ports: